Alison Levitt M.D.


Wise Medicine

Dr. Alison Levitt is a visionary and inspiration to all who want to be, and feel healthy, inside and out.
  Dr. Levitt has traveled the globe   to learn from healers, botanists   and   spiritual  masters.  She   integrates all of this wisdom and   experience  into  her successful   holistic medical practice, which   bridges the gap between ancient   healing practices and modern   medicine, blending the best of   both  worlds.  Dr. Alison Levitt   incorporates  a  range  of

modalities  of  treatments  including; dietary changes, nutrition education,herbs, aromatherapy, supplements, fitness plans, relaxation techniques and life enhancing coaching ideas.

Whether  your  goal  is to  stay  healthy or to become healthier,  Dr.  Alison  Levitt’s unique individualized approach to healing can help you discover how to be healthy, feel energized and vitalized every single day
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